Easy, tasty cooking healthy recipes

Easy, tasty cooking for

a healthy lifestyle.

The word "low fat" and "tasty" did not belong together. But not any more it can be proved
that you do not need fat and cholesterol to make quick and easy family recipes taste great!

healthy foods recipes with low cholesterol diet plan

Explore healthy foods recipes that

low cholesterol diet.

Eating healthy foods does not guaranteed to lose weight. The weight is a balance between
the calories that take in and the calories that burn out.

delicious flavours as well as nutrients healthier cooking

delicious flavours as well as nutrients

healthier cooking.

It would be easier cooking tasty foods with lower calories for dinner than to burn more calories through increased exercise.

Today Meals

Lets enjoy all the sumptuos, savoury and satifying dishses your family love most, without the fat, cholesterol and kilojoules/calories they don't need.

healthy foods honey glazed chicken

honey glazed chicken

This succulent chicken glazed with honey, mustard and herbs, can bake to low-fat perfection while...

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Indulge yourself in velvety quick beef stroganoff

Quick Beef Stroganoff

Indulge yourself in velvety stroganoff. Don't worry the richness comes from 'lite' sour cream.

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a top quality flavour Italian tomatoes sauce

Fresh Tomato Pasta Sauce

Vine-ripened tomatoes give this Italian sauce a top quality flavour. Serve over any cooked pasta shapes.

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This is elegant and exotic curried lamb kebabs

Curried Lamb Kebabs

Kebabs may be grilled or barbecued quickly. This curried variety is elegant and exotic.

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Special Meal

An easy to make salad with a no cholesterol bonus. Add wholemeal bread rolls for a quick, light meal.

An easy to make avocado and vegetable salad

Avocado And Vegetable Salad

healthy check yes
Health Check
Advocado contains monounsaturated fat which can help lower blood cholesterol levels
Asparagus is a good source of vitamin C
Sesame seeds are a source of vitamin E

preparation & cooking time
Preparation Time
15 minutes
Cooking Time
15 minutes
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Delicious Desserts

Winning combo sweet desserts

Featured Meals

Healthy foods recipes to help you save time, effort and make your life easier and enjoy cooking your meal evry day from featured meals recipes.

quick to cook and easy to eat popular saucy barbecued prawns

Saucy Barbecue Prawns

Quick to cook and easy to eat, marinated, barbecued prawns are always popular and great...

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savoury bakes potatos gratin

Savoury Potato Gratin

Try this dish as a change from baked potatoes. You will be so crazy about the caramelised onions, you...

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a good steak with creamy and garlic herb topping

Steaks With Garlic Topping

A good steak is even better with a little something. Try this creamy herb topping instead of fried mushrooms.

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chicken breasts and vegetables wrapped

Chicken Parcel

Surprise your guests with chicken breasts and vegetables wrapped in filo pastry. It's light and easy.

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Customer Review

quick to prepare and easy to follow healthy repcipes

I love these recipes so much. I would use them even if they were not low fat! They are quick to prepare and easy to follow, but most of all they are delicious!

quick to prepare and easy to follow healthy repcipes
quick to prepare and easy to follow healthy repcipes
Ferran Gomez, Chef cook

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